Case Study

Risk Lead for the UK Atomic Energy Authority (UKAEA) Culham Lifetime Plan

Industry: Nuclear Fusion Power, Decommissioning (UK)

The Client:

An organisation tasked with delivering a costed liability estimate for the decommissioning of the Joint European Torus (JET) nuclear fusion experimental facilities located at the UKAEA Culham Science Centre.

Timescales and locations:

3 Months

Abingdon / Bristol / Remote

How we helped:

We were tasked to:

  • undertake an independent review of the extant Lifetime Plan risk register and the risk and contingency application process, suggesting and implementing improvement recommendations; and
  • carry out a Quantitative Schedule Risk Analysis (QSRA) to support the costing exercise.

Our review of the risk register and supporting processes was focussed on assessing suitability for risk modelling and improving the quality and robustness of the key risk inputs to the QSRA. In carrying out the review, we were able to evidence and apply a best practice approach to modelling a complicated blend of labour and non-labour resources within the Lifetime Plan, and also initiated useful discussions regarding the modelling of additional scope that would inform the clients' final decisions. As well as influencing specific risk modelling activities, we were also able to provide expert and independent guidance to the team when it came to selecting the most appropriate risk modelling software for the QSRA.

What we delivered:

  • A targeted series of risk improvement recommendations, including a revised methodology for establishing basis of estimates for risk impact assessments.
  • Improved the maturity of QSRA inputs to satisfy audit and Nuclear Decommissioning Authority (NDA) Baseline Management System Programme Controls Procedure requirements.
  • Improved the maturity of risk and uncertainty data to support financial contingency planning.
  • A robust and defendable quantitative risk register, established through high-level risk workshops and reviews.
  • Chaired multiple reviews of previous Lifetime Plans with the programme team to challenge and improve risk and uncertainty modelling methodologies.
  • Liaised with a supporting consultancy to deliver the risk register and QSRA on time and to the highest possible standard based on our extensive experience delivering scenario-based decision analysis.

The Benefits

  • The customer was able to fulfil their contracted requirements to deliver a QSRA on time.

  • Our flexible approach enabled us to work with the client and a specialist consultancy team to deliver the best possible output in challenging circumstances.

  • We were able to provide significant knowledge transfer to the incumbent programme team to enable them to undertake future risk modelling activities.

  • Our combination of over 20 years’ experience delivering risk services to major projects in the nuclear industry gave the client confidence in the quality of our deliverables.

  • Our expert knowledge of market-leading risk modelling software enabled the customer to make an informed procurement choice.

We believe that risk management isn’t just about managing risks; it's about enhancing performance by embedding risk-thinking into business decisions.