Risk Analytics

There is great value hidden within your risk data

Risk Analytics

At Redstone Risk we are proud to provide project leaders with jargon-free, genuinely useful intelligence that improves delivery predictability and supports strategic decision-making.​

Our consulting and modelling capabilities help to produce tangible and meaningful risk data, but in order to provide senior leaders with true insights, we have to go one step further.

We all know it’s easier to manage what we can see, and our simple, visually engaging risk analytics help decision-makers make better-informed decisions by providing genuinely useful quantitative risk insights to project leaders at the point of need.​

We have relationships with a wide range of software and analytics providers, as well as the ability to create bespoke visualisation solutions. Our customers can trust us to do the right thing for them when it comes to improving the communication of risk information across their businesses.

If you want to better prepare for uncertainty, manage your risks, deliver key business solutions, or support better-informed risk-taking, get in touch.​

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Providing risk management consultancy and training to projects, programmes and enterprises.


Undertaking quantitative cost and schedule risk analysis to support business and investment decisions.


Unlocking the meaning in your risk data to support better decisions.