Project Risk Management Maturity Assessment

We help ensure that our customers get the best value out of their risk management process. 

Through our years of experience in developing, operating and advising within some of the most complex projects on the planet, we have built up an enviable range of knowledge that will help get your project risk processes operating as they should.

We can assess your current risk management processes against our Project Risk Management Maturity Assessment (PRMMA) facility, and suggest a range of improvements that we can work with you to implement.

The Importance of Risk Maturity

A lack of risk maturity leads to reactive management of unexpected events, leaving your projects and programmes vulnerable to failure. In an environment of increasing complexity and uncertainty, it is even more important to have a mature risk process that gives you control of your outcomes.

We pride ourselves on our ability to help clients move away from managing a list of risks in a risk register, to managing the business with risks in mind.


The Redstone Risk PRMMA

Our PRMMA assesses your maturity across 4 key dimensions:

Culture and Leadership – we can assess how the culture of the project and wider business supports and values PRM, as well as the role that senior leaders play. Our interventions can lead to significant enhancement in the value that your project and personnel gain from PRM.

Processes – we can assess how industry standard PRM processes are used or aligned to your own processes. Part of our work would identify areas for improvement and even the writing of processes should it be required.

Tools and Methods – an area we specialise in, we can assess how your business uses PRM toolsets for both qualitative and quantitative analysis, as well as the way in which it uses the information generated. Through our vast experience and our unique, unbiased relationships with some of the most innovative software companies around, we can ensure that your business gets the decision-making support it deserves.


Organisational Experience – we can examine the competence level of staff within the business tasked with undertaking or using PRM inputs and outputs. We can undertake a series of training or enhancements to ensure that the PRM process flows as it should.

We undertake the PRMMA through a consultancy-led approach, predominantly through a structured series of questions that can be undertaken either remotely or, preferably, at your location to enable us to get a feel for the way in which PRM is undertaken and valued. We tailor each assessment to each client, however we find that 2 days consultancy support is often enough to benchmark a particular project and make a range of suggested improvements. We know from our clients that these few days end up being some of the best value consultancy they ever purchase, as it is one of the first times that a genuinely independent party has assessed their PRM and give them clear, unbiased views on how to improve it.

The end result of this PRMMA is an independent, objective and evidence-based measure of risk maturity, which supports the formulation of a ‘roadmap’ of improvement actions in order to increase your PRM maturity.

Our services are organised into three core capabilities, which can be combined in sequence or procured individually.

Risk Consulting 

Providing risk management consultancy and training to projects, programmes and enterprises.

Risk Modelling

Undertaking quantitative cost and schedule risk analysis to support business and investment decisions.

Risk Analytics 

Unlocking the meaning in your risk data to support better decisions.

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