Redstone Risk present at the Project Controls Expo 2021 at Wembley Stadium

Increase project profits: Realizing more value from risk analysis

Redstone Risk joined forces with Safran Risk to deliver a presentation at the Project Controls Expo 2021 at Wembley Stadium.

The talk was aimed at project professionals looking to improve risk management, exploring how Cost/Schedule Risk Analysis (CSRA) and Project Risk Management Maturity (PRMM) are linked to bigger project cost savings and a better ROI.

By combining results of academic research from the past few years with a study of project improvement results from a set of leading project-risk experts, the analysis by Safran and Redstone Risk has indicated that high PRMM can reduce final project costs on some complex projects by up to 28%.

The presentation also examined the characteristics of high PRMM behaviour and how they are linked to elements of the CSRA cycle.

To read Will Foulds’ report and learn how to assess the maturity of your current activities and benchmark against industry best practices CLICK HERE.


William Foulds

Will is the Owner and Managing Director of Redstone Risk Ltd and is a trusted advisor to senior leaderships teams within the defence, nuclear and construction sectors. Will has over 20 years' experience as a risk management professional, is a Fellow of the Institute of Risk Management and holds an MSc with distinction in Risk Management.