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As experts in risk management, we offer a full range of risk consultancy, advisory, and training services including focused risk workshops, webinars and training courses, along with more bespoke options. Any queries please email hello@redstonerisk.com or use the contact box below.

Risk consultancy is the backbone of our business. Our consultancy practice is underpinned by our ethos of making risk information useful, and our core values: trust, integrity and flexibility.

Our risk training services include:

We are experienced risk management trainers, sharing our best practice approaches to managing and analysing risks in highly uncertain environments. We can help upskill your project teams in core risk practices in order to deliver real and useful intelligence to decision makers.

We offer bespoke training courses in the following disciplines:

  • Principles of risk management - a free webinar designed as a taster for those looking to begin their risk management education or as a refresher for more experienced individuals
  • Risk management fundamentals - Sharing best practice approaches to help your project identify, assess and manage risks.
  • Advanced risk management - a more in-depth view into the world of risk management, featuring case studies and hand outs to solidify learning.
  • Practical cost risk analysis - How to use quantitative risk modelling to assess the impact of uncertainty and risk on deterministic cost forecasts.
  • Practical schedule risk analysis - How to use quantitative risk modelling to assess the impact of uncertainty and risk on deterministic schedules.

Principles of Risk Management Webinar Training

If you missed Redstone Risk's free 30-minute training webinar on the Principles of Risk Management, then keep an eye out for more to follow.

We will be releasing more information regarding training opportunities soon, but if you would like anything bespoke please get in touch at hello@redstonerisk.com .

Here is some recent feedback we have received on our training:

This event has challenged my thoughts on how Risk Management is carried out and how it can be developed in the future, adapting the process to the needs of the organisation.

A wide-ranging as well as in-depth look at how risk management has evolved over the years. It asks the critical questions of what benefit is realised, what questions need to be answered and what techniques are most appropriate.

"A very useful day – lots of great engagement and healthy discussion which is exactly what we want and need in such as session!"

Remote Risk Training Option

Remote Training Service 

As a response to the COVID restrictions, the practice of working remotely using conferencing applications has become widespread.

Redstone and our exclusive business partners The Knowledge Professionals Ltd (TKP) offer a capability to deliver of remote training using a combination of conference and electronic whiteboard applications.

The basis of our approach is to make the remote offering resemble the classroom environment as closely as possible. We do this by using MS Teams for delivery of input sessions and discussions but with the addition of a breakout rooms feature. This enables remote audiences to be divided into smaller groups to work on sperate tasks, with the ability to recall delegates back to the main group to share feedback. Screen sharing within breakout rooms can also be used, and groups can be set up in advance or even during events.

This is combined with a whiteboard app (MIRO) which supports delegates in workshop tasks. We provide secure links to pre-prepared MIRO workspaces framed to support specific task briefed to delegates before or during the events.

The whiteboard supports any kind of group work including planning, problem solving, idea generation and analysis. Whiteboard results can be captured as .png files. Any combination of graphics including shapes, lines, tables, diagrams, audio and video files can be added to whiteboards and delegates can see and edit all content. This app is run in parallel with MS Teams sessions enabling interactive examination and analysis of workshop inputs in breakout or larger groups.

Course attendance records and completion of appraisal forms can also be achieved remotely.

Our remote training services include:

  • Development of new remote training events or adaption of existing face to face events for remote delivery, including any needs analysis.
  • Remote delivery of complex technical or managerial courses that would normally be run as face to face classroom/workshop events.
  • Preparation and administration including:
    • Help with delegate briefings including set up of workshop groups.
    • Familiarisation sessions on the whiteboard app to ensure delegates can use it easily during workshop sessions.
    • Advice on and set up of pre-course assignments.

Our services are organised into three core capabilities, which can be combined in sequence or procured individually.

Risk Consulting 

Providing risk management consultancy and training to projects, programmes and enterprises.

Risk Modelling

Undertaking quantitative cost and schedule risk analysis to support business and investment decisions.

Risk Analytics 

Unlocking the meaning in your risk data to support better decisions.

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