How Risky is a Sunday Lunch?

How confident are you that you can make a Sunday Roast on time? Many of us have felt the fear of cooking a big Sunday lunch for the family. Getting everything cooked just right and delivering it to the table on time is a hard ask, not to mention the clearing up afterwards! If our main objectives are to make sure the roast is on time and cooked to perfection, how can we help ensure that we deliver?

Carrying out a Schedule Risk Analysis might not be your first (or 100th) thought when planning a roast, but at Redstone Risk that’s what we do best (second to cooking a good roast!), so we thought for a bit of fun, we’d give it a go.


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William Foulds

Will is the Owner and Managing Director of Redstone Risk Ltd and is a trusted advisor to senior leaderships teams within the defence, nuclear and construction sectors. Will has over 20 years' experience as a risk management professional, is a Fellow of the Institute of Risk Management and holds an MSc with distinction in Risk Management.