Reimagining and reforming defence acquisition in the United Kingdom

Redstone Risk have today launched a new paper, Unwrapping the Riddle of Defence Acquisition in the United Kingdom, co-written with Professor John Louth.

Drawing on 20 years of practitioner experience delivering risk management consultancy and analysis to clients in the defence and energy sectors, the paper seeks to provide a strategy for maximising intended military outcomes whilst minimising risks in defence acquisition projects.

It recommends a shift in focus from milestones and outputs to defence effects, underpinned by the belief that considerations of the speed of technology innovation, changing budget assumptions and evolving conditions of warfare must be prioritised over misplaced project certainty and frozen user and system requirements within acquisition programmes.

With the recent one-year anniversary since the start of the war in Ukraine, the UK’s approach to large-scale defence acquisition projects is increasingly being scrutinised and there’s considerable appetite for reform. Our paper is therefore a timely and necessary intervention aimed at reimagining the UK’s outmoded acquisition practices to eliminate cost overruns, schedule slippages and capability gaps in UK Defence projects.

View the full paper here:


Desktop: Unwrapping the Riddle of Defence Acquisition in the United Kingdom


Mobile: Unwrapping the Riddle of Defence Acquisition in the United Kingdom (Mobile)


William Foulds

Will is the Owner and Managing Director of Redstone Risk Ltd and is a trusted advisor to senior leaderships teams within the defence, nuclear and construction sectors. Will has over 20 years' experience as a risk management professional, is a Fellow of the Institute of Risk Management and holds an MSc with distinction in Risk Management.